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Versuri Alex Mica - Lady

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Lady I'm into you
And now I'm about to do
The things I was waiting for,
Let's make love on the floor.

I like the way that you wind,
Give it to me baby when I pay you in diamonds,
Come here, I want you to feel,
My body's so close, let's make it be real.

What s*x if you don't scream?
Loud momma, cause you are my dream,
Don't stop, show me your best,
I'mma make you shout, do it loud from the chest.

Lady I fall for the rhythm,
Giddy up if you're just a dreamer,
Giddy up if you love the rhythm,
Giddy up if you love the freedom,

Come and get a piece of me,
I wanna be the one who loves you down,
I wanna be the one you see, but baby girl now.

Get under my skin, help me get in,
I wanna taste you girl,
Come here, let me be the one you need, cause...

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