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Versuri Alastis - In darkness

Why so many obstacles on my way. Why
These creatures
Whirl 'round on me?
I want to know who do they obey. Which
Occult strength manages them?

I'm living in darkness
Far from this world
I'm living in my dreams
My own legend

Their infernal sound
Leads me to sink into folly
How to overcome this fear
Which paralyzes me?
Let me dream of a real existence
Far from this world
Of suffering and anxiety...

I'm living in darkness
I'm seeking the truth
Hess living in my brain
The fallen angel

Let me dive into the seeking serenity
Let me live my own legend
Find the answers
Which are eluding me
Understand the meaning
Of my non existence
Let me dream of a real existence...

I'm living in darkness
I'm fighting for freedom
I'm living in my dreams
My own legend

No doubt. Beyond this zone of terror
Ill find all the answers
No doubt. The try to stop me
But Ill fight. Cause even if the price
Of the knowledge consists of suffering
Even if the path to the eternal passes
In transit to hell

Ill go to the end
To the end of my dreams

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