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Versuri Alana Davis - Bye bye

i call my mom i call my friend
looking for a reason to go home again
because you make me feel like i dont belong
like my hearts too weak and my heads too strong
oppisites attract sometimes but not the way
you're attracting mine
and i cant change the way you are
even though you think your some kind of rockstar

i want you out of my life, my life, my life
cause your love is cold as ice
it's time that you hit the door
i don't want to see you no more (repeat)

you want me to walk like this and talk like that
dye my hair and don't wear hats
and dress too sleazy and go too far
when all i wanna do is play my guitar
and i don't think that it's fair
and i don't think that you care about me
yeah but i see the way it's got to be
i want you out my life


why am i in this alone?
is my love too much for you?
what's wrong with home?
i hope you have found your answer
because i think that i found mine
i want you out of my life

*chorus* to fade

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