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Versuri Alaine Laughton - Deeper

(Feelin'... ooh)

[Verse 1]

I can't imagine, living without you (without you)
My world would just stop, spinning without you (without you)
Floatin' on a cloud each time you say my name
I wanna scream out loud - YOU're drivin' me insane (driving me crazy baby)

Each time you call i wanna fall
Deeper and deeper and deeper,
Each time we kiss i'm feelin' it
Deeper and deeper and deeper
When you love me like you do baby,
i wanna give my whole to you,
Take full control, please baby call
Deeper and deeper and deeper

[Verse 2]

You say you would do anything for me (for me)
You know how i kept my everything for you (for you)
I promise I'll make sure to keep you satisfied,
Just trust me baby, hold me tight,
Enjoy the ride (i'm gonna drive you crazy)

(chorus x2)


I'm floating on a cloud
Each time when you say my name,
i wanna scream out loud:
You're driving me insane

(chorus x2)

Go deeper, go deeper

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