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Versuri Al Stewart - Trespasser

When I first saw your trespasser
He wandered uninvited
To your door
He seemed to know his way around
Although I'd never seen
His face before
Pausing for a moment
Underneath your window ledge
He turned around
To see the shadow
Of the sundial on the hedge
There was a tightness in his face
As though he were on edge
I don't know why

You see him in your dreams
You see him in your dreams
You see him in your dreams
But I seem to see him all the time

You said if there's a trespasser
Then there must be
A footprint or a sign
And what would he be looking for
There's nothing here
For anyone to find
And while you tried to say
It coulnd't be
I realized that you could feel
No sense of danger
ANd you din't seem surprised
I got the feeling that you
Knew more than you said
But felt advised to keep it in


Now I see your trespasser
Go wandering alone
Sometimes he's standing by the flowers
Or melting in the stone
And even when I cannot see him
I can feel it in my bones
That he's still there



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