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Versuri Akon - Number 1 girl

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[Akon chorus]
That girl used never wanna give me no p***y
And I couldnt ever ever figure out why?
Then I came up on all this money
And now she shake her a*s everytime I walk by
Couldnt help but to bend that a*s over

[Ice Cube]
Look at you girl, eyes brown, a*s round
Feels like a nigga chasin down a rebound
It's bouncin like a basketball, if you got no a*s at all
Sorry girl but you won't make the casting call
Skinny bitches need to find that nutritionist
S***t that make yo' a*s so thick and delicious
Is it the food or is it the water?
That make your daughter wanna show what Momma taught her
C'mere... let me whisper in yo' ear (wa*sup)
Tell ya all that bullshit that you wanna hear (let's f***)
You prolly hate my f***n guts in a year
But right about now, you like a nigga's style huh?
How I talk, how I smell, how I smile
How I think, how I f***, how I grind
F***k wit' me, ya get ya meat and ya vegetables (ooo gonna love it)
F***k wit' him, ya get a f***n metrosexual (gonna love it)
You want a man stronger than you
Not a m*********r in the mirror longer than you
Break a nail and his punk a*s lookin for glue
You want a nigga wit' a hard dick lookin at you (lookin at you)

[R. Kelly]
And woo and wee and you and me, havin fun, then when it's over in the mornin I say gracias baby,
then before you go I say dolomo.

[Juelz Santana]
No matter where at (house)
No matter what we in
I get the job done show me the clock I'm punchin in
I keep so pretty, hands, nails, toes pretty...
Call me anytime, anytime girl I'm up late
You can call me up and I'll scoop you up on your lunch break
I lay her down I lay her down like rose petals, she scream my name she scream my name

[Akon chorus]
That girl used never wanna give me no p***y (it's a problem)
And I could ever ever figure out why why why (then what?)
Then I came up on all this money (jones)
And now she shake her a*s everytime I walk by (it's a problem)
Couldnt help but to bend that a*s over...

[Jim Jones]
So as I zoom on (vroom) blowin smoke tryin to get the scent of her perfume off
I'm tryin to come home a decent time so I don't look suspicious
Check the cellphone, erase all the pictures
Lady got me twisted...
Need to slow down, breathe exhale,
I was almost done like I'm on... then almost got to my bed and she beeped the nextel

[R. Kelly]

Number one, Number one, Number one
This is, this is number one

Uh, uh, one two one two

Nigga I run...

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