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Versuri Akon - Lonley

trimise de BlackdollyBlackdolly.

[00:00. 000]Lonely I'm Mr. lonely,
[00:06. 448]I have nobody,
[00:09. 152]to call my owwnnn
[00:11. 934]I'm so lonely,
[00:14. 508]I'm Mr. Lonely
[00:17. 004]I have nobody,
[00:19. 682]to call my owwnnn
[00:22. 672]I'm so lonely

[00:26. 052]Yo, this one here,
[00:29. 250]Goes out to all my playas out there, man, ya know
[00:33. 930]That got that one good girl, dawg
[00:36. 426]That's always been there man, like
[00:38. 116]took all the bullshit
[00:39. 910]Then one day she can't take it no more
[00:41. 886]And decided to leave

[00:44. 174]Yeah
[00:44. 876]I woke up in the middle of the night
[00:46. 774]And I noticed my girl wasn't by my side,
[00:49. 764]Coulda sworn I was dreamin',
[00:51. 532]For her I was feenin',
[00:53. 040]So I had to take a little ride,
[00:55. 120]Back tracking on these few years,
[00:57. 330]Tryna figure out what I do to make it go bad,
[01:00. 216]Cause ever since my girl left me,
[01:02. 790]My whole life came crashin, I'm so

[01:05. 390]Lonely (so lonely),
[01:07. 756]I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
[01:10. 338]I have nobody (I have nobody)
[01:13. 614]to call my own (to call my own, girl)

[01:16. 318]I'm so lonely (so lonely)
[01:18. 606]I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
[01:21. 180]I have nobody (I have nobody)
[01:23. 780]to call my own (to call my own, girl)

[01:27. 784]Can't believe I hadda girl like you
[01:29. 422]And I just let you walk right outta my life,
[01:32. 620]After all I put you through you still stuck
[01:35. 922]Around and stayed by my side,
[01:38. 314]What really hurt me is I broke your heart, baby
[01:40. 394]You a good girl and I had no right,
[01:43. 280]I really wanna make things right,
[01:45. 360]Cause, without you in my life girl, I'm so

[01:48. 454]Lonely (so lonely)
[01:50. 560]I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
[01:53. 134]I have nobody (I have nobody)
[01:55. 916]to call my own (to call my own, girl)

[01:58. 802]I'm so lonely (so lonely)
[02:01. 090]I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
[02:03. 794]I have nobody (I have nobody)
[02:06. 576]to calll my own (to call my own, girl)

[02:10. 060]Been all about the world ain't neva met a girl
[02:12. 452]That can take the things that you been through
[02:15. 338]Never thought the day would come
[02:16. 716]Where you'd get up and run
[02:18. 120]And I would be out chasing you
[02:20. 122]Cause ain't nowhere in the globe I'd rather be,
[02:22. 904]Ain't no one in the globe I'd rather see
[02:25. 894]Then the girl of my dreams that made me be
[02:28. 364]so happy but now so lonely

[02:30. 964]Lonely (so lonely)
[02:32. 862]I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
[02:35. 540]I have nobody (I have nobody)
[02:38. 218]to call my own (to call my own, girl)

[02:41. 208]I'm so lonely (so lonely)
[02:43. 600]I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
[02:46. 590]I have nobody (I have nobody)
[02:48. 878]to call my own (to call my own, girl)

[02:52. 544]Never thought that I would be alone (be alone),
[02:55. 040]I didn't think you'd be gone this long, (gone for long)
[02:58. 030]I just want you to call my phone,
[03:00. 243]So stop playing girl and
[03:01. 933]Come on home (come on home),
[03:03. 623]Baby girl I didn't mean to shout, (ohhh)
[03:06. 301]I want me and you to work it out, (work it out)
[03:09. 109]I never wished I'd ever
[03:09. 993]Hurt my baby (Hurt my baby)
[03:11. 683]And it's drivin me crazy cause I'm so

[03:13. 971]Lonely (so lonely)
[03:15. 973]I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
[03:18. 651]I have nobody (I have nobody)
[03:21. 251]to call my own (to call my own, girl)

[03:23. 825]I'm so lonely (so lonely)
[03:26. 425]I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
[03:29. 103]I have nobody (I have nobody)
[03:31. 677]to call my own (to call my own, girl)

[03:35. 161]Lonely, so lonely, lonely,
[03:38. 853]So lonely, (so lonely),
[03:41. 141]Mr. Lonely, lonely, so lonely
[03:46. 315]So lonely, (so lonely, so lonely, Mr. Lonely

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