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Versuri Akinyele - P***y makes the world go round

(Akinyele) (2x)
It's just a typical Akinyele song (2x)
About love

(Akinyele) (3x) (Start of hook)
P***y it makes the world go round (2x)
You could have a son or a daughter if you f***k me down
Cause p***y makes the world go round

(Akinyele) (4x)
P***y makes the world go
P***y makes the world go round round
(End of hook)

Ha ha
I know mad guys
Who in love with their wives
Call them p***y cats
Cause they survive getting stabbed
With about 9 lives
For all 9 wives
Went with 5 guys
Lying between your thighs
You realize
This motherf***ker siamese
Squinting his when he talk as if he was Chinese
But then he started purring like the Guyanese
Until one day niggas around the way dissed his main squeeze
She came upstairs bitching
Who listen
Niggas infront there feeling was straight dissing
Throwing hints when I'm walking by blowing kisses
He was like what s***t skip the ripping
Get the smith and weesun
Add the clip in
When I said started spitting
Even hitting
Motherf***kers who was down with him
Blood everywhere
Until the gay niggas on his team still compare
In the vaseline
Cause they put them in and dissapear
Yo buck buck buck
Pull his dirty a*s up
Then seeing the police
Sir-reens flashed up
The adrenaline make them surrender start bagging them up
Bloody vision
Living in prison started grabbing his nuts
Told the cops it's his dick that hey all could suck
He started backing them up
Waving his gat
Like he clapping them up
That's when to g's
Came from behind trees
And robbed that
Instead he loaded and cocked back
He said f***k that
Turn his hat from his front to his back
Laid his index
Like windex and squeezed on the gat
Immediately he started stumbling back
Cause the SWAT team repeatedly laid his a*s flat
As he laid on his back
Girl rushed to his side picked him up off the floor put him on her lap
Got blood on her dress
>From the open flesh
Of the bullet wounds left in his chest
Cardiac arrest
She said uh uh don't go
What about little Kada
As she stretched him out on the tar
Tried to give him mouth to mouth CPR
But he just lay there stiff
She grabbed his hand
And placed it about her heart on top of her breast
With blood this is for the love of her s*x
This is all for the love of her s*x (4x)

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