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Versuri Akercocke - Scapegoat

Rancid lord of pestilence
Belial- supreme avenger
Devour those bereft of sight
To see the way of Satan
Foulness of Bethlehem
My prodigious appetite
For perversion and sin
Revel in the carnal joy
Celebrate female pleasure
In the name of Asmodeus
She will dance for my delight
Take flight on wings of lust
Entranced by slender limbs
And heavy breasts
Desire is absolute
Honour my Baphomet
And sigils unholy
For they remind you of me
When I am gone away
Like the last moth of winter
That hides to cheat death
The sweetest pleasures beckon
You must devate the self
Listen to inner voices
Despicable choices
There are those content
Just to play with the bodies of the dead

The flesh is the life
To you and I
Ave Satanus
Rege Satanus
Eastern angel
I must learn to breathe without you
As I descend alone
To the bottomless pit

The flesh is the life
To you and I
Ave Satanus

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