Andale - versuri Akcent feat Lidia Buble |
Andale - versuri Akcent feat Lidia Buble |

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Versuri Akcent feat Lidia Buble - Andale

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

I don't want to say it twice,
It's in your eyes,
We have the same desire,
Even if it's otherwise,
You'll be my prize
And nothing else will matter.

You can try to run away,
You'll hear me say:
"You're free to choose your way"
If this thing is meant to be,
Please don't blame me,
Just let your spirit free.

Andale, andale, andale,
Anda, anda, andale,
Meu amor, meu coração,
Apaixonado de você.

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