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Versuri Jimmy hoffa jokes
- Aimee Mann

G5 3x0033
Gma9 3x0232
D/c# x4023x
Bm/a x04432
G2 3x023x
D2 xx0230
F#m7 2x2220.

*** intro:.

G5 | g5 | g5.

*** verse 1:
Gma9 d
He's infinitely wise
D/c# bm bm/a g
But he infinitely lies
Em /g d g2 d-d2
We're no longer just plain folks
Gma9 d
No, we're old and sad and bored
D/c# bm bm/a g
And we're not funny anymore
F#m7 em d g2 d-d2
We're like jimmy hoffa jokes.

*** verse 2:
Well i couldn't do a thing gma9 | d
Couldn't even set the spring d/c# | bm bm/a | g

Couldn't see you through the spokes em /g | d | g2 | d d2.

Now it's not exactly new gma9 | d
And so we're infinitely blue d/c# | bm bm/a | g
We're like jimmy hoffa jokes f#m7 em | d.

*** instrumental.

*** verse 3:
I appeal to my belief gma9 | d
Won't you put us on relief d/c# | bm bm/a | g
So we'll know it's not a hoax em /g | d | g2 | d d2
But we're barely worth the wait gma9 | d
We're just slightly out of date d/c# | bm bm/a | g
We're like jimmy hoffa jokes em /g | d.

*** instrumental.