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Versuri Afghan Whigs - My enemy

trimise de AzatokAzatok.


I hear the whispers, baby
If what they say is true
They say i killed the brother
To fall in love with u

These words i heard them once before
A conversation i believe
How does a man begin 2 fall
When he does practice 2 deceive?
There was a voice behind my back
His face i could not see it clear
The voice was so familiar, though
I knew my enemy was near

The sun iz gone
And the sky iz black
So get your a*s out from
Behind my back
I told u once
And i told u all
And i told it like it was (sic)

U can't
Have me
If u can't
Catch me
Out of your mind bent on revenge
To think i once called u my friend
U want the dog? i'll let him out
Come and get some baby

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