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Versuri Afghan Whigs - Double day


It was a saturday
I came home early drunk with love
And other things
I must confess i love it all
Pretend that i can hardly wait
To wipe that smile off of your face
It's only when
On that you can depend

Later that afternoon
My paranoia got the best of me
I knew it would, it always do
I made the call
Pretend that i can hardly wait
To put that smile back on my face
It's coming soon
I'm going to the moon

If you pretend, then i imitate
My friend, come crucify my heart
I wanna get it on
I wanna get it on

And in the evening when i sleep
My situation changes nightly
Sometimes it comes, sometimes it goes
Sometimes i feel i'll never know

Tonight's the night i take it home
White knuckle happy and alone
With no one in the room but me
I see i finally see

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