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Versuri Afghan Whigs - Bulletproof


I can't hide
But it's been easier
Since i said it now
It don't end
And i can't buy
A friend

I waited long
The waiting's over
So get on down
This time we go a little lower
The sun has broke
I stretch it out
And throw some gas into the fire
To tell the truth
To tell it well
It all depends upon the liar
And if i scream, overboard
I'm in this over my head
Or whisper sweet
Baby please, baby please
Am i ded?

Every time i dream about you, baby
With your hands all over me
I never forget anything
Don't forget that i'm asleep

Go to sleep
It's over now
A final prayer for my friend
You tell that fool, to make it good
You have to start at the end
And if i scream, overkill
I'm in this over my head
Or whisper sweet, baby please
I must have meant what i said

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