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Versuri Love is a game
- Adele

trimise de RoxyRoxy.

All your expectations of my love are impossible
Surely you know that I’m not easy to hold
It’s so sad how incapable of learning to grow I am
My heart speaks in puzzle and codes
I’ve been trying my whole life to solve
God only knows how I’ve cried
I can’t take another defeat
A next time would be the ending of me
Now that I see.

That love is a game for fools to play
And I ain’t fooling
What a cruel thing
To self-inflict that pain.

How unbelievable of me to fall
For the lies that I tell, the dream that I sell
When heartache it’s inevitable
But I’m no good at doing it well
Not that I care versuri. us
Why should anything about it be fair.

No amount of love can keep me satisfied
I can’t keep up when I keep changing my mind
The feelings flood me to the heights of no compromise

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