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Versuri Acid Death - Frozen heart

trimise de Rose93Rose93.

wake up and I look at my face-can't remember

I can't remember where I've been last night
With whom I've, what I've done can't remember what really happened
Although I push my mind so hard

And my thoughts trail off to the frozen garden in my heart

Strange eyes penetrate me
Who am I to see the difference
I've been demolished, I've been crushed down
I stood up angry and I built a wall

No reason there for me to flee
I don't believe your attitude or anyone's
you make me a stranger to-to human contact

Never say I run away
I'm just a man who understands that
That loosing a piece of reality
Gains a piece of oneself

Behind this wall I can stand alone
In the frozen garden of my heart
I see no truth not even lies
There is only void just about everywhere

So I din't care with whom I've been
And what I've done-the only way to stand
And the wind is cold but at least is mine
So I sleep in the Frozen Garden in my heart.

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