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trimise de Ane-MarieAne-Marie.

... blasphemy
... s of the demon {heart}
blue sky turns to black
{ambers} of sacrifice

In heaven... as I {kill}
{your marks} with anger I {bear} o{f/h} evil Satan

{unholy/oh hail the/I hail the} Arrival
unholy {majesty}

Is... {so far/suffer}
heavens shall {fall}
I have demon lord {appraised}
unholy maze of heaven
... [absolutely undescribable]

The heaven {betray{ed}}
as I...
I {hail} the Arrival

... blasphemy
... of the demon {heart}
{blue} sky turns to black
I can not await

... shall come
heavens shall fall
As {I have} demon lord appraised
... remains of heaven
... god

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