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Versuri A1 - I got sunshine

sunshine... feels so good
got an easy mood
just relax
cause it feels so free to do
i got sunshine

i feel good today
kinda funny in a special way
can't quite explain
can't seem to get the smile off my face
going down tonight
everything is gonna be alright
but right now i'm getting down
in the light

i've got high emotions
and it's all for you
got this crazy notion
that you feel the same way too
got my dreams in motion
in a sky so blue
and i don't think it's gonna rainy today
are you coming out to play

i got sunshine in my life
and it shines so bright
and i feel so high
i can reach the sky
i got sunshine

got things to do
got plans to make for me and you
cause its always cool
to find out there's something new
going down tonight
gonna dance gonna feel alright


Paul:sunshine, feels so good
bringing all the vibe to the neighborhood
so lay right back for an easy mood
do the boogie like you already should
just relax and let it flow right through you
cause it feels so free to do, to do
my head stripping cause i know you're mine
i got sunshine, got sunshine

sunshine, got sweet sunlight
alright, in a shine so bright
sunshine, yeah i feel so high
alright, i can reach the sky
sunshine, cause me and you
alright, and there's something new
sunshine, it's a dream come true so i
(repeat chorus2x)

cause i've got sunshine
cause i've got sunshine
baby i've got sunshine

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