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Versuri A-Wax - Tha board

[Ya Hyniss]
Stupid thug
Like a full blooded Italian cat
Ridin' horseback dumpin' wit the old school Smith
Sittin' around the table nigga like the mafia type
Reminiscing on my past experiences
Me and my bitch been through a lot
Her name sawed-off
When I f***k her bitch I f***k her raw dog
Told her from the gate
"I don't wear no condoms, and I ain't claimin' no kids"
I'm Ya Hyniss bitch
A-Wax head representative
Only f***k wit assassins
And niggaz that pull conspiracies
And my cuts D. I. C.

Yo, we Tha Board
Live, die by the sword
Slid by five deep
Rapidly dumpin' heat
Had a bucket wit beat
Nobody f***kin' wit me
B. O. K. savages don't play
Push packages all day
We ride dog day
Get away from the guard
Back the f***k up
Yo raps is wack
And yo baby mama sucked up
She wanna suck me up
Said so last night
Butt naked, posin' wit a glass pipe
Dumb bitch, I don't f***k wit knocks
I provide to supply the rocks
Cooked up, hooked up
Representin' Tha Board
One love to the founders
Thugs, the number's countless
Bitches hound us
We young rap stars
Bout to get booted
Pass the gat and I'll shoot it

Do you feel me pain?
Can you feel me pain?
I got an umbrella but yet it's pourin' lots of rain
It's hard to maintain in this world so cold
F***k school, f***k sports
Nigga I'd rather hustle
I sell dope, smoke rope
F***k hoes, and spit flows
Hit the fiends
"I got the A-1 yol"
And put these squares
Watch your back like a shark
Cuz when young diz slide through
Nigga I'm puttin' in work
I stay mob stylin' like an Italian ridin' the back wit black stallion
Wit a chopper who can stop me
When I'm off the crackin'
Hits like blastin' man was Hitler
Bombin' clips like Hitler
First night, ay dawg
Runnin' suckas from the block for bein' soft
A cold
Time commend us
Known for bein' similar of the silicone

Yo, yo, yo
When I'm commissioned
And Hi-Tec livin'
Mafia style wit mob religion
Exposed to my contender
Through hollow tips like I'm Adolf Hitler
Makin' double tracks for A-Wax
This an Assassin, Ya Hyniss minus ya Her Turf
Finders and no sharers
No surroundings blockin' my vision
Like they say "Lovin' the feelin'"
It's killas niggaz
We doin' drive bys
And three realist niggaz
The trealist niggaz ya feel us
Yo nigga, the trealist niggaz ya feel us

[Ya Hyniss]
Nigga it's Tha Board of Kommission
And we don't give a s***t
When it's time for funk
We ready to pop in the f***kin' clip
Assassin that be ya [?]
Hit this game to get bread
Only try stackin' loot 'til the day that I'm dead
I got nothin' but cream
So let my mind move weed
Talk s***t
Knock you out just like "Suge" Shane Mosley
We don't play in tha Burg
My boys put you in a hearse
6 feet deep up in the dirt
Nobody said any word
As everybody know the code
Savages that's fo' sho
Lil' mist to get doe
Up on the block 24
Under my sweater be the 9
Ready to go at all times
Who be the best
B. O. K. represent it for mine

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