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Dome shots - versuri A-Wax |
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Versuri A-Wax - Dome shots

They call me Young A-Wax [Young A-Wax]
Surround myself with young J-Cats [J-Cats]
Quick to spray gats
Nobody can trust each other [what?]
I count snakes when I'm under my covers and sheets
Instead of sheep's stressin' myself to sleep
It's rather deep like murder second degree
Never nervous
Handle them heavy weapons
Reborn: 7th month, 17th day, 9th year of the 70's
Smokin' heavily
Beverly Hills rapper, slash thug actors
Get drunk backwards out of they whip
Snatch him by the perm put a gun to his lip
And tell him strip
Savage times for real
You a bitch if you can't admit my rhymes is ill [ugh]

[Chorus] x2
Catch a dome shot, get your wig split
He looked at me with his brains in his hand, EEW!
He asked me if I could fix it
Then he cried
Shook like a fish out of water then he died

Collided with the killers
Or the rydah with the rilla
But you sided with them fake
Now you gotta meet your fate
Out of state where the cakes cost 23 G'z
I went back to the past with three
Caught funk
Yeah, smothered a goon
Turn the music up loud
Better cover the boom
Go discover the room
Go explore the flames
I was more than doomed
It was more than pain
It was rain
Sunshine, one bullet, one nine
One mother f***, you done mother f***a
Another mother gotta suffer a loss
It was nothin'
Dawg it was nothin' to a boss
I was lost
This time last year paid the cost
For a once and a 2nd strike
Four blunts, one second to strike
Got a kite from fang
Said light the flame

[Chorus] x2

Like a fish out of water he was floppin'
Took a shot to the dome and it dropped him
Stopped him, dead in his tracks
Blew him right up out his black Air Max
With the loose fat laces
I'm on the run for like deuce fat cases
Gotta bust out the track Asix
F***k dominoes in the day room
F***k playin' 'til noon
F***k playin' 'til they call my [call my]
Union to the town hall
F***k a frog eye
F***k a torpedo
F***k spreads and dorito tips
I gotta get rich off a kilo bitch
Don't call anybody blockin' my goal
I'm a young gun with a glock and a goal

[Chorus] x2

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