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Versuri A Moments Peace - Our only hope

I used to fell so helpless the enemy had such a hold on me I prayed for deliverance and the almighty
set me free now I stand condemned before the world with its selfish and evil ways and I know that I
struggle sometimes but I have hope that there will be better days sometimes it is so hard to deny my
flesh and obey your word but even though I know I still sin you always pick me up again you're
always there right by my side you never
leave me nor forsake me and I look forward to I long for fellowship with you eternally may the name
of the lord be forever praised you love us when we're unlovable draw us nearer to your presence lord
your undying love and mercy never ceases to amaze me you intervened for us on our behalf when you
died on the cross at Calvary and through your precious blood that was shed you completely provided
our amnesty there is salvation in no one else there is no other way to be saved there is no way you
can earn your way into heaven entrance is based solely on faith we have a living hope in Jesus
Christ we don't have to live in fear anymore no matter what god is in control and he loves you so
dearly believe and be saved Amen

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