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Versuri A Moments Peace - Illusions

Through my eyes I've seen things aren't always what they seem-watch out when the slate looks clean
there's usually something behind the scenes-misinformed and mislead
led astray by what was said-candle burns at both ends chasing your tail again-wake up and see this
cannot be so shackled and so free-betrayed by thoughts revealed as false through
lies the truth is lost-in this world it seems the grass on the other side is always green-it might
look peachy keen be aware of what's not seen -too good to be true is never realized till it's
through-open your eyes and realize the truth will always conquer lies-and you can bet the snare is
set so watch your step or you'll regret-well I got one thing left to say I refuse to be caught up
within the game-don't try to say it's all the same you point your finger then you duck out and elude
the blame-hearsay and circumstantial evidence shape-shift you words and when you're
caught you plead the fifth.

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