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Versuri A. L. T. - Audi 5000

Verse: 1

I once knew a bitch named Mercedes Benz
Her and Lexus wanted to s*x me and all my friends
Damb, You want it, You got it Toyota
I gave Impala a holla because hes got the Mota
about a pound and so we rolled slow
plus I kept my Eyes out for Five Point O
We got to the pad about MR2,
I said Ive never met a Jetta that was fly as you
Lexus, She was heavy as a Chevy, but it aint no thang
because we gang bang, rode em like a Mustang
and Im thinking that you got my point, I told Impala
to roll up a Corrola Joint, and then I pa*sed out
She said I doesnt want to trouble you
but BMW is home now, and so you asked out
and my heart started pounding Im out the back window
Peace homegirls but Im Audi 5000

Chorus: x4
dropped monte carlos, L Dogs (???) and Caddy Coupes

Verse: 2

I got a friend named Alfa Romero
Who rolled a Fiero with a girl named Camaro
and he calls her his Sidekick
but the bitch is so fly that he gotta have a big dick
we all jetted in the Jetta
then we got harra*sed by a cop named Berreta
He pulled us ova in a f***d up Nova
then we saw my homie roll right by his name is Range Rover
He swoop on the Trooper, Hes tight with the mob
and then he made the One-Time stop
Peace homie thanks and Ill see ya
then I got a page from my bitch Carmen Gia
Come and pick me up so, I go through the city
Im bout to get some a*s and a hole lot of tittie
I got to her pad, and Yo! , I started pounding
Id like to tell you more homeboy but Im Audi 5000.

Chorus: x4

I partied with this oriental girl named Hundai
Who kicks it with this japanese bitch they call Samurai
I headed to the liquor store, Word!
I got a fith of Surburban and some Thunderbird
I said Ill be right back, then I saw a friend whos a pimp
big and black we called him Caddilac
just to tease I told my nigga freeze
He drove a Lamborghini that cost 300 Zs
and lets jet out to club pantera
Hatchbacks kicking it and so was Fiera
and it sounded like a switch,
I got to the club and met a snobby a*s bitch
Who said I was the voice she said I was the choice
and could I please give a little bit to Ms. Royce Royce
silk sheets and my hips they were pounding
then I got the f***k out of Dodge, Cause I was Audi 5000

Chorus: x6
(music fades away)

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