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Versuri A L G - Home street home

trimise de RaganarRaganar.

Here's another one of them type of jams
That you have to read between the lines
More on the softer tip, you feel me
Home street home, A. L. G.
Till death do us part
Know what I'm sayin'
Check it out

[A. L. G.]
They say I'm a dreamer
But s***t my heart's so damn cold
And like no matter what happens
In the end we grow old
I was told that many times before
I got my s***t together
That life's just a dream
Or that it doesn't last forever
I know better then to ever think some s***t like that again
Right now my only friend be a nickle plated sin
That a man must depend on
When ever he needed
I mean come on
You really think that it be safe where you livin'
On the streets, midnight creep
Rollin' deep, rest in peace
I wrote this song for all the fuel
When you be thinkin' your weak
I'd rather die on my feet
Than to live on my knees
Accept my meaning of the people just like me
Who some how see
The truth behind the lies that keeps us goin' on without
A doubt within our minds
That makes us take a different route
Believe in what you want
Cuz really who that f***k am I
I'm just like any other man
The only difference is what's inside

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