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Versuri Out of blue comes green
- A-Ha

My wings are clipped
See the steps that made me trip
Now I'm so lonely.

Time's frozen flame
Seem to linger in the rain
Holding me only.

Like a river I'm flowing
And there's no way of knowing
If I'm coming or going
I need something to chain me down.

But it don't matter
My eyes have seen..
For better
Out of blue comes green.


I have gone wrong
Work my fingers to the bone
All I've been doing
Proud that I am
To be born into such hands
Your love so renewing.

And I know I can lose it
Part of life.. you can't choose it
As I touched the horizon
It just felt like I'd die soon.

Don't matter
My eyes have seen
For better
Out of blue comes green

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