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Versuri A-Ha - Afternoon high

Ah, the sunlight hits the corner
Of your eye
As it bounces off the morning sky
A summer in the 70's fly by

Ah, the daylight hits the corner of your mind
Steals the thoughts you thought
No one could find
Close your eyes
And it will rob you blind
Incidental memories collide
Sentimental reveries abide
An afternoon high

Ah, daylight hits the corners
Of your mouth
Steals the words
That filled you up with doubt
Open up and let them all fall out

Ah, honey smooth the wrinkles from the
Gone the indentations of your head
Leaving just a frown upon your forehead

Worry works a wrinkle over time
Open up and let them rob you blind
Incidental memories collide
People tell me you've been blinded by
An afternoon high
Afternoon high


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