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Versuri A Feasting Beast - Recalcitrant

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We all come together in order to sustain this erratic scene
Defying all the trends and mainstream s***t we're supposed to be
Never giving in to the demands of society's regulations
Sticking to our ways despite common condemnation
We are the self-willed dying breed
You and me
Resisting all authority
Recalcitrant we'll always be
Throwing down endlessly
Supporting what you believe in even though you're viewed as a heathen
Spending money you don't have to keep the local music breathing
Appreciate the minds that stay dedicated to this way of life
Because for music and you all
We'll play until we die
We die
Standing strong with all of you
We could not do without
One with you, continue to stay true
We don't accept those who shut us out through their own acceptance
We will conquer and never abide
We will never f***g die
Who are you to f***g try?
We'll always come out alive
Always thrive; never subside
Just when you think that we're done
Bouncing back we'll always come
We will never succumb
This is the antebellum

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