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Versuri A Feasting Beast - It feeds

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Who are we as humans? Will we make it through this?
Questioning existence, we participate in acts of blindness
Using and abusing, always self-excusing
Actions so confusing, we will meet our end
Living in delusion, drawing no conclusion
Madness over taking, killing while creating
Our own species
Over populating, underestimating, mindless f***g mating
Is how we live
Tying our own noose in vain
Pardoning ourselves from blame
Corrupt leaders reap reign
All this unawareness is the reason for your shame
We were meant to suffer in this long endeavor
Filled with selfish urges, minds are undiscovered
They control you
Creating a system that we are all forced to live and abide by
Surrendering our rights
Is their interest so take heed
The plan is to control you, can't you all just f***g see
Tying our own noose in vain
Pardoning ourselves from blame
Corrupt leaders reap reign
These are reasons for your shame
Keep cranking the big machine
Digesting all of your needs
This is how it f***g feeds
You're calling out to me
For my sympathy
Focused on your wants
Forgetting about your needs
Pathetic piece of s***t
Senseless, no logic
Emotions overrule
Your judgement
We f***g warned you to foresee
And think this through
We don't compromise weak values, views gone rampant
Remain indecisive, flee to majority
Contorted thought process
Bow down to authority
Run away, you stupid f***g coward
Hide and pray, for that's your only power
Omnipotence is what we contain
Revolting pawns in this lost futile game
This is how it feeds

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