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Versuri A Feasting Beast - Discorruption

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As he enters this life, born confined
Into a world of strife, built on lies
He wants to open eyes, preaching to their minds
Leads a path trailed by the years
Of desperate words that fell to deaf ears, deaf ears
Frustrated by the refusal of emancipation
He won't stand by, watch you accept this treason
This can't be the end of all his days to come, he perseveres through
Standing in this world alone
People, they trashed him and cast him aside
When all he tried to do was free them from their binds
Where do they lie now?
In a plagued poppers grave
Buried with the rest
Who chose to deny
Explaining philosophies to soulless hollow humans
Expunging the tasteless worthless filth
He will see to this
He will strike them down to the ground
On their knees
Beheading the victims of deceit, despite their pleas
Beheading all the victims on their knees
Until tragedy finally strikes
It's too late
You've lost your rights
Catastrophic annihilation
The sovereign state is on a pedestal of worship, bow down to your political
Come as one come one as all
Let's gather up the masses
End these problems, start the solution
Cause we are the constitution
Chalk it up, write it off
Let's remember where we stem from
Be the change, start the trend
And never let it happen again
They will try to stomp out
Anyone who opens their mouth
When will this façade come to an end?
This repetition of insanity,
Obstruction, destruction, society's concussion
Slaughtered the ones who had the grip of fear on all the people
Cured, enlightened those who claimed their right to liberty
Condemned are fools who stand in the way of all his successors
Ultraists who do not stand parallel to nefarious cowards
Taking cover and running to the hills, there's no salvation
Seismic fury, splits asunder
This is the end
Scorned, dooms day has come
To reap last breaths, all life
The legend whom I speak of
Has come forth to be revealed
Unveiled, realize it's the man in front of you

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