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No more thinking of the negativity
That's imposed from brainwashed who cannot see
Walking the fine line between jealousy, antagony
Failing to reconcile their insecurities
The ones who do comply
Once people are on your side
They live their average lives
No vision inside their eyes
Waiting in f***g line
Doubting minds left paralyzed
Society's trends changing they continue to oblige
Basing all your life's choices
On your community
Judging and living a life based on hypocrisy
The first ones to spew bullshit that they truly do believe
Until the next day I'm another human failing
You should look in the mirror before you place judgements on other's
Concluding thoughts on others crafts
When it's something you can't finish
Never created a thing from the very damn beginning
But now judgements on you and your cowardly mind's fleeing
Put that f***g finger down
Or I'll break it if you make another sound
How do you think there's room to still speak?
As your left p***g on your feet
End your life
Are you still live

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