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Versuri You're the best thing
- 911

It could be discontent
Chase the rainbows end
I might win much more but lose all that is mine
I could be a lot but I know I'm not
I'm content just with the riches that you bring (riches that you bring).

I might shoot to win
And commit the sin
Of wanting more than I've already got
I could runaway but I'd rather stay
In the warmth of your smile lighting up my day (lighting up my day)
The one that makes me say.

('Cause) You're the best thing that ever happened
To me or my world, heh hey yeah
You're the best thing that ever happened
So don't go away.

I might be a king
Steal my peoples things
But I don't go for that power crazy way
All that I could rule, I don't check for fools
All that I need is to be left to live my way
So listen what I say..

Repeat Chorus.

Heh, hey yeah.

(From the soul of me), baby
You're the best for me
Cover up my dreams
But take these chains from me!.


Repeat Chorus.

Baby, baby.

Repeat Chorus except last word.

I said
(Don't go)
No, no
(Don't go away)

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