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Versuri Lunch trunk battle
- 8 Mile Battles

trimise de AvrilutzahAvrilutzah.

(Feat. Xzibit & Vanessa).


Man I'm so sick and tired of f***g with this steel.
They only give us 30 minutes to eat lunch and chill.
My body achin just to get a buck.
I'm sick of eating this s***t off this f***g lunch truck.
Nasty a*s food. I'm in a nasty a*s mood.
I should've called in sick.
S***, I had something to do.


I can't believe I'm hearing all this ravin and rantin.
From Vanessa up in here at the New Detroit stampin.
You need to get your food and take your a*s back to work.
Your dreamin if you think them corny a*s raps will work.
Look at ya'll freezin out here like dumb f***,
rappin away for food off this ragedy lunch truck.
Who want wut? who pumped up? to get rolled up.
I spit venom in every direction, soak some up.
Look at this fat a*s nigga, sloppy sucker.
You an ugly mother f***r
your pop should've wore a rubber.
Stop rhymin keep your day job Vanessa.
Next time leave that bull s***t home on the dresser.
Speaking of dresses take a look at Paul the fruitcake.
When you travel you probly pack panties in your suitcase.
Made out of lace from Victoria's secret.
If 10 men came in a cup you'd probly drink it.


Ok folks enough with the gay jokes
especially from a gay broke bitch yourself, hey lo
this guys a doo doo.
You've worked here longer then me
and I get paid more then you do.
Dawg, take a seat.
Wut's this guy standing in line for? He ain't got money to eat.
Check this out yo yo.
This guy cashed his whole pay check and bought 1 ho ho.
F***g homo little maggot.
You can't hack it.
Paul's gay.. your a faggot.
At least he admits it. Don't even risk it.
This guys starvin to death someone get him a biscuit!
I don't know wut they told you Mike..
you must had them comrolls rolled too tight.
This job you wanna quit but you can't.
You've worked at this plant so long.. your a plant.
Look at your god dam boots
for christ sakes they're starting to grow roots.
On this mic you get faded.
You look like a p***d off rapper who never made it.
Hey why you f***g with gay guy G?
when really your the one whos got the HIV.
Man I'm done with this clown its off.
F***k it.. I'll let home girl finish you off.

A guy like you would never get a read woman
you jacka*s go jack off
that's the only way you comin'..