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Versuri Word association
- 7L & Esoteric

trimise de Tdf-SaudanuTdf-Saudanu.

Esoteric, we're gonna play a little game
I'm gonna give you a word, you tell me exactly what comes to mind
Cool, let's go.

Brain - tumor, suede - Puma
Natalie - true, Liv Tyler - rumor
Lionel - my man, weapon - mic stand
Moogoo - gai-pain? Essex - fry clan
Sample - truncate, 45 - drum break
Mescaline - dumb fake, rent money - month late
Aguilera - lame slut, Cameo - change cut
Lance Rivera - shank up, Rawkus Records - bankrupt.

Sittin here gettin my brain exam'd
Like I'm a, deranged man with the strangest plan
I got the, seat reclined in the therapy spot
The psycho-analyst is lookin at me like I'm a crackpot.

Now sit back and relax - I'm doin that already
Please keep your hands steady - Why? - Your face is all sweaty
Yo I'm ready to heave
Mr. Ryan just breathe
I'll do a few more of these, then I'm gonna leave.

Okay Tom Cruise - Ray-Ban, Elton John - gay man
Backpack - wack flow, fur coat - Fat Joe
Farrakhan - Nation, mad soul - Haitian
A title, for this joint? Word Association.

{*7L scratching*}
"Listen up as I take out the rhyme book"
"From the rude attitude, done got in it to win it".

Okay, now tell me a little bit about your education
I didn't breeze through school, well actually I did
I breezed through the campus center back to my crib
You like to socialize? - Yeah - Well that's no surprise
Plus it's somethin that a lunatic mostly denies
Chill, whatchu tryin to say, that I'm about to explode?
My last crazy episode was during (?) nematode (?)
"Disguising his microbiotics. " that was dope
Well it goes without saying like old folks, continue.

Okay Tiger - Chun Li, Crocodile - Dundee
Big pimp - Rocky V, hook shots - from three
Revelie - no crew, nerd bath - tofu
Richard Lewis - beaucoup, where is he? No clue

Groupies - free throws, Aria - need hoes
Chinatown - peep shows, cellos - umm, cheap clothes
P*****e - pulpit, De La - cool skit
How do you feel about this exam? I think it's bullshit!.

{*7L scratching*}
"Well, well, well! I'll be damned"
"Say what? " - "is the word" - "I don't know"
"Like I. like I said before. "
"Listen up as I take out the rhyme book"
"I'm dead serious and I won't fess it. "
". but chill 'til I finish the third verse"
"Now, listen-listen to the past".

This is going well, tell me a little about uhh, Metzer.

The punk stand front and center
Red carpets roll, ladies trumpet as they enter
Light years beyond, my title's number one contender
Mind of an inventor with the grace of a fencer
Look, I gives a f***k if you're white, black or octaroon
I'll lock you in a room, make you pop balloons
filled with toxic fumes, yeah you shoulda bought a tomb
Cause Esoteric puts the Metal to your Face like Dr. Doom.

Is-is that true? - Nah but it's a hot rhyme
Just give me a word, I'll say what pops to my mind
Okay cell - phone or prison? Esoteric - vocalism
Freestyle - old tradition, Mass Ave. - Pole Position
Dirtbag - copperhead, Trevski - knock him dead
Big troops - knuckle up, Jedi Mind - f***k you up
Diesel - buttonfly, Kool Keith - Russian spy
No press - no Es, hope chest - slow death
This a joke? Hell no, kangaroo - velcro
Fat lace - shelltoe, Spud Webb - Elmo?
Letterman - great host, Moltar - Space Ghost
Applebee's - tastes gross, lap dance - pesos
Kid Rock - white trash, Limp Bizkit - don't ask
Handgun - under stress, LSD - Hunter S.
Thanks for your time
That I can't allow
You're legally insane, you'll be living here now