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Versuri Graphic violence
- 7L & Esoteric

trimise de Tdf-SaudanuTdf-Saudanu.

I take it to the streets carjack 5-0
Pack toast like breakfast to go let ya know
Up front that in my trunk I got this big a*s bag
When opened up it resembles a weapons show
Wrap sheet in black heat for murder and death
The pistol on me that I rock it ain't by Mitchell and Ness
I be medicinal tests cuz I'm sick in the brain
Sick of the game, never sick of just inflictin' this pain
I'm thinkin' names on the reg like a break for the third leg
Weeks later, wind up in the woods like a birds egg
I got the knife now limbs I'm hackin' off
Plus I fire techs like layers do Mackintosh
Slackin' off ain't allowed when you're on a mission
To annihilate entire nightclub crowds
Emptyin' every clip, I'm fightin' all types of s***t
I've been hit, I really like this s***t
Some muthaf***kas should be payin' me to write their s***t
Whilin' out bangin' out Bicardi bites and s***t
I won't settle, I deserve a medal
Vigilante rebel bout to take it to the next level.

[Cop Talking Over Radio]
Units in area come in, code 11–352
Drug dealing suspect sighted in vicinity
On route to reported drug transaction
Investigate immediately.

I load up the glock I line cats in chalk
Lotta pigs pullin' triggers to blaze ya whole block
Stick a plate in ya chest, give you, a grim death
Don't, pretend to save I grade the skin flesh
My retinas steam but it's wrapped in violence
When I, close my eyes I see visions of tyrants

Lock and load f***k buryin' heaters
I'm ruthless like a mother tryin' to bury a fetus
I'll wet you up like you stuck in the rain
Hit you in the jugular vain I'm pluggin' ya brain.

[Guy Talking]
Ya punk a*s wanna try somethin' with me?.

Yeah what's that f***k that
Muthaf***kas bustin' at me I bust back
Sword blaze my forte you can't floor Shay
My style is negative like the image I portray
Change descriptions, let my beard grow
I'm weird though, drunk off a Jose Cuervoe
Tryin' to make it to the next bar without crackin' a whip
5-0s start crackin' the whip
Do a search find crack in the whip
Grab a jacket and split [cop yells "hold it right there"]
I'll be back in a bit now I'm packin' a clip.

[Beat stops, gunshots fire while Esoteric yells]
"I ain't goin' nowhere, take that take that
You ain't killin' me you ain't takin' me alive
I ain't goin out like that".

[Gunshots stop while man is talking to (Esoteric)]
Yo, take that s***t the f***k up outta there
What I tell you bout makin' all that (no)
Ya Tech? ya Tech Tech ya a*s to bed god dammit (no no)
No more XBOX for you for a week (no)
I'm sick a this, matter fact f***k that (takes off his belt)
C'mon boy, I'm bout to whoop that (beats Esoteric with belt)
Muthaf***ka, take that muthaf***ka (Esoteric cries)
Aw hell boy, stop that cryin'
I didn't raise me no little bitch!