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Versuri Battlefield
- 7L & Esoteric

trimise de Tdf-SaudanuTdf-Saudanu.

[Chorus x2]
This are words that my men have been real
Ain't tryin' to reinvent the wheel of wack thug
The game's like a sick battlefield with men ill
But I've got my whole fam with me now that's love.

[Verse 1]
Yo, chip on his shoulder, glad it sunk in
You don't walk with; you walk among him
Thems the rules, no bendin'
No flow lendin', this takes balls like goal tendin'
I, man up stand up to the bulls***t
Telling fans put their hands up if they feel it
The fake s***t
I got a man named Eddledip (?)
Fifteen, just got out the bing and he said
"This is what rap is, f***k I had this, upper class kids
Using 'ghetto' as an adjective" (No!)
"This is what rap become, speaking smart actin' dumb
Rapping like a shooter when you know you don't pack a gun"
I said "Nah" but I was lying through my teeth
Cryin' underneath as I heard a sigh of relief
Then I told "It would never look bleaker,
Today you've got to dig a little deeper".

[Chorus x2].

[Verse 2]
Limit this, when I reminisce
When it comes to B. I.
You know I handle minds like a hypnotist
Middle finger to the cynical critics
Who couldn't do what I do
If they was visiting my clinics
First, "He's too complex"
Next, "Where's the concept"
Then, "He just smack clowns"
Now, "He don't back down.. "
To no one.. the mic's like a loaded gun

You want to learn from the truest
While slogans run
I can't f***k with no beef that's over-done
It's over son
I took it to round one
Moving on..
You knowing that the flowing's spectacular
My lyric's like a massacre
Usually when I'm cracking the..
Sidewalk or the sediment
The all-black forces, sorta like the 54th Regiment
Them Nikes, I gotta get them in bulk
I got the streets on smash like the Incredible Hulk.

[Chorus x2].

[Verse 3]
Hmm-hmm mike check they ain't done yet
Please let me have your enthusiasm for a sec
Y'all talk about rhyming off blocks to get credit
Only if you rockers bust with athletics dog forget it
Claim you're hated on 'til the break of dawn
When it's time to make a song you better wait 'til later on
This here is real words
You can say I'm preaching; each and every person breathing into a mic thinks they're teaching
I reach in and abiding by the rules
Never no time to lose
I don't confide in fools
Every night, getting hype
While you reppin' like you've ever like
When you like the pride of your private schools?
I provide the jewels: the shine is me
Now view this time, the rightful recipient
Living in the most doomed of times..
I use my mind to prove that I'm the sickest of human kind.

[Chorus x2]