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Versuri The jig is up
- 77S

I am a troubled man
Trouble is what I am
I am a troubled man
And I'll take all you can give me.

I walk alone
Hand in hand with my trouble
But still nobody's home.

I'm in the poorhouse forever
I'm in the doghouse forever
And ever with you.

I am a simple man
Simple is what I am
I am quite simply mad
And not particularly glad to be
You were a simple friend
I complicated you, then
I lost a simple friend
All complications unending.

I think alone
I could use some good help
With my thinking
It's so far from home.

I could think of you forever
I could think of us together

But never mind.

I am a lonely man
Lonely is what I am
Heart broke and lonely
I think of you only
Are you with me?.

I wasn't ever that smart
No, and I wasn't clever
To think I had hold of your heart.

I could break your heart forever
I could break mine and yours
Both right in two after you.

I won't go gently into that bad earth
I will fight for you with all that's in me
For all that it's worth.

Can I run to you forever?
'Cuz if I can't run to you forever
How can I run to you now?.

You live on my doorstep
Is there room in my house?

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