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Versuri The best i have
- 77S

Look in my eyes again
As blue as they've ever been
but so far down is not the end.

I got a little crazy
Left you out in a purple haze.
Now and then, I wonder
How you've been, babe?.

Will you want it
Will you believe it
Knowing you'll live for ever and ever
never alone
in a life going home
is the best I have..
is the best I have.

I had a dream, I saw you
Left me in tears and swollen eyes

Come back baby while there's still time
. Please let me hold you and tell you
that all that I have in hope for you
One more time together
I'd think about that if you wanted.


Come to me, I want you to come back and see
Take the lovin' when you come to me, you come to me.

It's possible to feel little lost 'til your heart unwinds
Give it time.


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