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Versuri One more time
- 77S

you win
turned it back on me again
the love i learned to live
live so positive
has gone and done me in
i ain't gonna wait..
wait to see your better side
know it's there but still i wonder why
when I don't need it
tell me one more time
what you meant when you said
love is blind
with open eyes
you find a way to justify your sin
you run away and fan the flame
burn my heart
burn my heart

you ran
headlong into harm and love again
you keep on calling up
you fake me out
and real me in
i ain't gonna stay..
stay until you start it all
now i see the trip before the fall
and it ain't gonna fly
go sail your paper wings into the sky
tell me how you're gonna try
and you wonder why I don't decide
'cuz I don't see it
and I don't need this
I don't need this

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