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Versuri Mean green season
- 77S

i walked out
i didn't want it anymore
i already had one foot out the door
i was into moving
they were on the slower road
it came down
about as plain as day to see
the road signs i could recognize
pointed right to me
i was into something
daddy never really had
made so many people
feel so badS
it was a
mean green season
when you're on top
you've got to show no mercy
make sure you

and everybody wants
a piece of the one
who gets it done
i held out
about as far as i could run
tried to keep my pole position
but i was into playing
a little long in the sun
i fell back
till everything i had was gone
i really thought i had it going on
but now i'm on the outside
with no one left to call
at all
who'd swear how nobody
ever wanna

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