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Versuri Leaving
- 77S

i never tried one minute to be wealthy
i told them all since i was there
please don't
don't push that thing on me that i never want
i got to keep my head Ocuz i wanna leave it all
i'm talkin' of leavin'
leavin' it all
blowin' it out
down a thousand miles of road
saw my dream
i seen me wealthy
i changed my face to face the demons
i gave my soul away for what i had become
i pushed that dream away so far and now it's gone
i'm gonna leave it
leavin' it all
gonna blow it out
down ten thousand miles of road
i go all day outside the mind
instead of wastin' any time
is someone i can see for miles
if i can only cross the line
inside a galaxy
am i waiting for someone to come
and find
and find me
i won't wait

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