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Versuri Another nail
- 77S

I could have planned it on my calendar
I knew you would be leaving soon
The symptoms were so obvious
The seasons changed and so did you.

When you tell me that you're having fun
Your eyes are full of tension
You got too close to someone new
Forgot the one who first loved you.

Every day another nail is hammered.

Waiting for a message
I know it will never come
Even with the ninety nine
I feel the loss of even one.

No need to keep us in suspense

The seed has died through indifference
And now we'll reap what you sowed
I'll take my tears and let you go.

Everyday another nail is hammered.

.. there were two walking in
the field on that judgement
day, one was taken by surprise
as the other simply walked

Disaster after disaster.

Everyday another nail is hammered

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