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Versuri You are the ones
- 3T

It started off when they where little boys
They danced and sang to entertain
Music was their toy.

They were to work this music fill their lives
From a talent show they where sure to grow
A group known as the Jackson 5.

Girls they sang and danced
They did it too
It was plain to see
They were born to be
A family to live a dream.

We must sing
Thanks to Joe and Kate
If it wasn't for you two
This dream could not come true.

You work so hard
You gave your best
That's why we can't forget

All the things that you two do
We owe it all to you.

(you are the ones).

We wanna thank you
For bringing us good music
For all to hear.

And we wanna thank you.

(you are the ones).

For never giving up
After all this years.

(to achieve an american dream).

You showed us what a family can achieve
Said anything's possible if you just believe.

Lead vocals by Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson and T. J. Jackson
Background vocals by 3T

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