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Versuri Oh-ah
- 3Pc

trimise de RaganarRaganar.

Shawty give me a sign when you wanna be satisfied.
Shawty I need to know how far your willing to go.
Shawty if I can be (yea) yo freakiest fantasty (yea)
I will promise that I will do (oh) what it takes to make you (baby yes).

I wanna know what you think about
Wanna know what you be about
Wanna know how it feels inside
Wanna be all up in yo mind
Wanna spend all my time with you
Wanna know if ya feel me to
Baby girl i wanna make you my boo.

Shawty you look so fine (you look so fine)
Shawty if you were mine (I swear to god imma make you mine)
Shawty come here to me (and imma be faithful to ya baby)
Shawty you're all I need (you're all I need)
Shawty the time is right (the time is right)
Shawty I'm gonna take my time (gonna take my time yea) and
Shawty I promise to you (said i promise said i promise to you gonna make yo body ohh-ahhh).


How many licks does it take to make yo body say
How many strokes does it take oh oh oh yes we do it til yo cant take no mo
satisfied 4 sho said 4 sho [repeat x2].


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