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Versuri More than friends (that's right)
- 3Lw


"More Than Friends (That's Right) ".

That's right
That's right.

[1] - Sometimes I wish we were more than just friends
I know that I'm dreamin'
Cuz you're crazy 'bout her
Sometimes I wish all the time
That you spend with her was with me instead
I wish we could be more than friends.

It's time to let you know just how I feel
About you lately (that's right)
You drive me crazy (that's right)
If she ever lets you go
Then you know the deal
Boy you will be mine
'Til the end of time.

[2] - (I sit and dream)
Over and over

I can see us walkin'
And holdin' hands
(You and me)
Closer and closer
If everything was different
You'd be my man.

[Repeat 1].

Wakin' up to the morning each day
I think of you
And how I wish I were that special girl
In her place (that's right)
Everytime you see me with a smile on my face
I just can't help but wish
For the day, hey.

[Repeat 2].

[Repeat 1].

More than friends (more than friends)
More than friends (more than friends)
More than friends.

That's right
That's right.

[Repeat 1 to fade]

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