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Versuri Keeping it right
- 3Lw

Whoaa, I see you walking with your head down boy,
Come here, whoa, lemme lift your spirts up, aigh.
I got something on my mind I wanna tell you.
Boy, when you down, cause you feel so much pain.
Blaming yourself, when it an't even that way.
You don't have to, go through this one more day.
If you take control, you dunno how far you go.
Boy, listen to me, I'm telling you good things.
Don't you undertstandme, I'm talking from my heart right now.
Start doing things the rigth way, please do it that way.
Chours (4 times)
Keep it right all night and all day long.

No matter what the world say, Keep on doing your things,
sometimes it won't be so hard if you do the right thing.
chours (5 times)
Promise you'll get by, baby boy believe me,
I know it's too hard, to raise your own kid because that bitch left you,
on your own.
I know so just keep it real.
Chours (10 times)

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