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Versuri Gettin' too heavy
- 3Lw


Sittin' here chillin' with you
You're gettin' close boy but I'm playin' it cool (cool)
I must confess, I'm feelin' you but I'm layin' down some rules
Get one thing straight, I won't be played, I don't get down that way.


You asked me once, I told you twice, when will you understand?
I asked my friends for their advice they say girl don't give in
In you and me I believe but I'm torn between
It's gettin' too heavy for me.


Baby why you stress me like that?

Talking about what you have done in the past
I don't take love casually so don't put that pressure on me
Baby just walk right out the door cuz I've heard those line before.



You're tellin' me this would prove that I care (It's gettin' too heavy)
But if I waited baby will you be there?
Will you be there?.


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