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Versuri Christmas party (w. treach)
- 3Lw


"Christmas Party"
(feat. Treach of Naughty By Nature).

[Verse 1:]
Won't you get up? It's a party
What you waitin on?
What you came here for?
Why you sittin there for?
Playing that role?
Actin unsure?
What all that for?
It's Christmas, it's a holiday
Time for shopping, spend that money
We gon' party cause I know you wanna dance.

Hey, get off the wall
Get on the floor
And get to steppin

Hey, kill all the talk
Get on the floor
And get to steppin.

[Verse 2:]
Won't you get up out that corner
Throw ya hands up
Get yo man's and them up
Hurry up before the DJ quit
Spinning that-
Playing that-
Hot stuff can't get enough
So don't stop
Til you get enough
Get on the floor
It's that time of year again.

[Repeat Hook (2x)].

[Treach's Rap].

[Vamp Out]

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