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Versuri Baby i'ma do right (no more)
- 3Lw

I'm getting a lil tired of your broken promises, promises
Lookin at your pager, seein different numbers and numbers
Call you and you say you hangin with the fellas, the fellas
Hangin with my girls, you always gettin jealous 'n' jealous
I was with you when you didn't have no dollas, no dollas
Hangin at the crib, chillin wit your mama, your mama
Never fronted you, never brought the drama, the drama
Now you flip the script, playa please.

No I'm not the one
(say it again say it again oh!)
No I'm not the one
You do or you don't!!!.

You do or you don't don't
You will or u won't won't
No more, no more baby I'ma do right
You can or you can't can't
Be a man be a man man
No more, No more baby I'ma do right.

Ya treat me like a lady when you open doors 'n' doors
Then you wanna front when you're wit your boys, your boys
How you gonna play me when I bought your clothes, your clothes
The ones that you be wearin when you wit your dogs, your dogs
I know you never thought that I would have the nerve, the nerve
To think about it most since you at the curb, the curb
Blowin up my pager say you want a chance, a chance
Listen when I say it, playa please.

chorus 1x.

I just wanna know what happen to our love

We used to be best friends
Where did it go wrong
When u gonna see how good it is with me
I'm tired and I'm through with all ur.. listen baby!.

Yo Yo Yo
A yo, you promised me kate spade
But that was last year
Boy in the eighth grade
And you ain't biggie, baby boy
so it ain't one more chance
When your friends around u don't wanna hold my hand
And now you see a girl stylin' and wildin' inside the mix
Hoppin out the whips, the whips, the 5, the 6
Yes fly chrome, so pardon my tone
Here go a quarter, go call Tyrone.

chorus 1x.

No I'm not the one
(Say it again say it again oh)
No, I'm not the one
(I'm tired of hearin it baby imma do right)
No, i'm not the one
(Never again never again no no)
No, I'm not the one
(I'm not the one no)
No, I'm not the one
(Say it again s-say it say it again)
No, I'm not the one
(Say it again s-say, say it again)
No, I'm not the one
(I can do bad all by myself)
No, I'm not the one
(I'm not the one, the ooooonnnnneeee).

Chorus until fade

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