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Versuri Here i come
- 2 Live Crew

Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice
I remember back when, how the Kid got scarred
Beggin' for p***; bitches actin' hard
I gots no play for the lack of papers
For the dope boys, I had the vapors
'Cause they got the hoes for the money they were stackin'
And all I had was dreams of rappin'
But a few months later the scenario changed
With a record and a video; now the Kid had game
They jumped over buildings, straight on the dick
It hit me so hard thinkin' I was it
They tripped me out, a sudden change of flavor
Hoes kissin' my a*s wantin' to do me favors
But no matter how they tried to f***k with my pride
Ice Cold Productions won't slip or slide
'Cause when I was comin' up you was talkin' s***t
Now that I made a nigga suck a dick
I know what's happenin', don't think I'm dumb
Kid Ice is movin' up, so here I come!.

[Make way, 'cause here I come!].

Verse 2: Brother Marquis
Marquis is the man, and I'm on a mission
To make a lot of money is my main ambition
F***k niggas, and f***k hoes too
The meal is made, so let's eat food
But some motherf***kers try to hold ya back
Some are white, but most are black
Goin' out like that makes me laugh
But they all can kiss the crack of my a*s

And you know and I know who I'm talkin' about
Y'all need to shut your f***kin' mouth and step aside!
You better make way, 'cause here I come, motherf***ker!.


Verse 3: Fresh Kid Ice
Steppin' to the light, and out the darkness
To relieve the pressure and all the madness
So here I come, a young man on the rise
Doin' what's right to stay alive
In a world of negativity and full of pain
We're brothers, down with each other for they own gain
So I keep on steppin', and keep on rappin'
Statyin' above the others, you know what's happenin'
For the better of myself, and not the fame
I try to make a livin' in this hip-hop game
If you wanna try, come and get some
Step out my way, 'cause here I come!.


Outro: Mr. Mixx
Mr. Mixx, producer of 2 Live! Niggas slip, but I'ma let
that slide. Dope producer, you know I ain't playin',
got 3 golds and a platinum, y'know what I'm sayin'? F***k-
niggas always talk that f***k-s***t, sayin' that Mixx ain't
legit. For the niggas that ain't with it, you can suck me
and all the boys' dick, y'know what I'm sayin'? 2 Live in
motherf***kin' effect, and we outta this raggedy mother-
f***ker, like last year.