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Versuri 2 live party
- 2 Live Crew

trimise de Dulcik_ValyDulcik_Valy.

Do ya wanna have a party?
2 live is throwin' another party!
Buttnaked a*s shakin' party
Ten thousand motherf***kers at the party
We're gonna see ya at the party
Another motherf***' 2 live party.

Verse 1:
Deep down south, we love to party
Dance floors packed, hoes shakin' they bodies
70's music still rulin' the disco
From South Beach to San Francisco
A late night fever, a s*x crazed land
Wild-a*s hoes to the one night stand
Swettin' the freaks with the tightest skirts
Talk about they ride, a 60s 'Vert
Listenin' to oldies bumpin' the sounds
Forget that s***, buy the underground
Underground station that ain't legit
Playin' them cuss-words, dropping that s***t
Party from the club, to the streets
Hangin' on cars, solicitin' freaks
It ain't over, it's time to play
Don't stress ya'll, let's par-tyyy!.


Verse 2:
I put my hand up on your hip
When I dip, you dip, we dip
So c'mon baby, just Pop That P'
And watch Freak Nasty Throw that D, yeah
Ain't nuthin' like a 2 live party
When them hoes freak everybody
Them other girls just bore me

But the 2 Live girls make Me So Horny
I had a hoe doin' S & M
Marquis had a hoe doin' her and him
Chinaman had 'em gettin' down low
And m' boy King T was bringin' three mo'
Come one come all if you can hang
But you gotta Move Somethin' and Do the Damn Thang
Clay D got the bottle and I got the blunt
2 Live, Freak Nasty, what's up!.


Verse 3:
What'll know 'bout havin' a party?
Fall up in the club, the envy of everybody
You make the money, so spend it
Baller parkin' Benz's lookin' like millions
I'm in the back of the club gettin' blessed g-fresh
Drinkin' n' smokin' the best, and nothin' less
Champagne poppin', chicken heads flockin'
The DJ's rockin', got the whole house hoppin'
Let's make this night one to remember
If you f***' with me, you're f***' with a real nigga
You can jump in the 'Vert, baby, and ride out
I'll have you suckin' me up at the hide-out
Tell a bitch quick, I ain't beggin' nor buyin'
Get the f***k up out my face, who the f***k you tryin'?
It's a good time nigga, that's what I'm all about
Get the money get the p***, get the map, I'm out